Breaking Down: Cigars vs. Cigarettes

Breaking Down: Cigars vs. Cigarettes

The long history of tobacco smoking has perpetuated almost every corner of the globe. From traditional cigars to heavily manufactured cigarettes, people are still enticed to smoke now and then. But what exactly are cigars and cigarettes? As a tobacco leaf wrapper distributor in Rockaway, New Jersey, Dragon Fronto Leaf LLC breaks down some key differences between the two.

  • Wrapping
    Cigars are usually wrapped in tobacco leaf wrap. On the other hand, cigarettes are wrapped with paper that does not contain tobacco. The former also comes at a bigger size and longer time to smoke.
  • Way of Smoking
    Because they are highly manufactured, cigarettes are much easier to use. Hold them by the lips, and flick a lighter on the other end. Meanwhile, cigars need to be cut before lighting. Place your thumb or any finger on the mouth while gripping the base. Hold it near the flame and rotate until it starts to glow.
  • The Smoke
    The smoke from a cigar is mostly retained in the mouth while cigarette smoke is inhaled to the lungs. Hence, you can have a better taste of tobacco with cigars.

A tobacco leaf wrapper dealer like us knows the real deal when smoking. Culturally, cigars are sophisticated forms of luxury that have been practiced for many years. Regardless if you prefer cigarettes or cigars, make sure to smoke moderately.

To learn more about our tobacco leaf wrap in New Jersey, we are more than eager to accept your queries!

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