Common Cigar Issues and What to Do

Common Cigar Issues and What to Do

Whether you are a casual tobacco smoker or a full-fledged cigar afficionado who regularly attends herfs, you know that the hobby does not come without inconveniences.

As tobacco leaf wrapper distributor in Rockaway, New Jersey and enthusiasts ourselves at Dragon Fronto Leaf LLC, we know this too well. Fortunately, you don’t have to experience them with the help of the following list. Here, we enumerate some of the most common inconveniences that comes with smoking cigar.

  • Issue: Pungent odor from stubbing a cigar that permeates the whole room
    Solution: First of all, unlike cigarettes, cigars do not need to be stubbed out. The bad smell happens when the filler tobacco is unavoidably exposed from the wrapper when it is split.

    Instead of stubbing, all you need to do is to rest your cigar in an ashtray and allow it to extinguish by itself.

  • Issue: Flavorless cigars
    Solution: A flavorless cigar means that it has gone stale, the usual cause for this being improper humidification.

    Unfortunately, there is no getting back its initial freshness if it had gone on for months. You simply have to ensure that you take constant care of them.

  • Issue: Plugged, hard cigars
    Solution: A plugged cigar is usually from the filler tobacco being twisted during the bunching process.

    Depending on how tight the cigar is, you can try massaging it gently, being careful not to split the wrapper.

Which among the above list do you have the most difficult time doing? Let us know!

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