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a man hand rolling tobacco leaves

Dragon Fronto Leaf LLC is a Tobacco Leaf Wrapper Distributor in Rockaway, New Jersey. We specialize in providing all-natural, purely organic tobacco leaf wraps to people aged 21 and above. We aim to give our consumers a remarkable smoking experience by adding a variety of flavors and infusing terpenes to every product we have. Our team also ensures that every tobacco leaf wrap we provide is fresh and of high-quality for a better experience every time they puff.

Our Mission

Dragon Fronto Leaf LLC is committed to providing an all-natural, fresh, high-quality, flavorful alternative to cigarettes through our dark premium leaf in various flavors and some infused with terpenes.

Our Vision

We envision the products of Dragon Fronto Leaf LLC reaching all parts of the globe and that every smoker in the world enjoys every puff of our dark premium leaf products.

Puff the best smoke of your life with Dragon Fronto Leaf LLC. Learn more about us by sending us a message online!