Understanding Your Cigar’s Anatomy


If you are a cigar aficionado, you must know the anatomy of a cigar. Cigars are rolled bundles of dried and fermented tobacco leaves that are made to be smoked. These come in different sizes.

A cigar is made up of three major parts – wrapper, binder, and filler. These form a smoking system that a lot of people enjoy. For wrappers, be sure to check out our tobacco leaf wrap in New Jersey!

Cigar wrappers are the visible outer cover leaf. It may be the most expensive component of cigars as these leaves need to be pristine in appearance and flavorful. If the tobacco leaf is too veiny or rough in texture, it is no longer considered a wrapper. Binders, on the other hand, can be considered a wrapper leaf that did not make the cut. It is often the same tobacco used in the wrapper but it appears rough. Binders are directly underneath the wrapper that hold the filler tobacco in place.

For binders, combustion is critical. A good-burning binder will help the filler burn more evenly. The third part, the filler, is where cigarmakers can be most creative. They may use different types of tobacco from different countries, producing the desired flavor. As for wrappers, it’s recommended that you go to a legit tobacco leaf wrapper dealer in order to attain a fine gustatory and aromatic experience.

Finally, the foot of a cigar is the end of it where the filler is usually visible. The opposite end is the top, which is finished with a cap.

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